how to boost metabolism

How to boost Metabolism in 10 Simple Ways

We cannot talk on how to boost metabolism without knowing what metabolism is therefore; Metabolism is the chemical breakdown in which food is converted into energy in the body that allows bodily function.

People with a high rate of metabolism use up more calories more quickly than those with slower metabolism.

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People with slow metabolism have stored up calories which turns to fat which are not generally good for the well-being of the body.

There are various ways to boost body metabolism and some are enlisted below.


Exercise is of the best way body metabolism is boosted.

During exercise there is accumulation of body heat which helps in the burning of calories which are stored up fats.

Aerobic exercise done moderately for just 15-20 minutes 3-4 times a week has proven beyond reasonable doubt to increase the number of mitochondria in the muscle cells by 40-50 percent.

During exercise fats are burnt out and calories are reduced which increases body metabolism

Build lean muscles

Muscles are metabolically more active than fat and building muscles increases body metabolism.

This implies that more calories are burnt each day even when resting with more mass of muscles.

Muscles are built by lifting weights.

Workout weights in the gym like dumbbells and barbells are used especially for gaining muscles.


There is a saying ‘you are what you eat’ this saying implies that the food we consume dictate a lot of how our health will be.

Eating of carbohydrates, junks, and meals with high amount of calories causes weight gain which inversely causes reduction in body metabolism.

To increase body metabolism, more of proteins and vegetables should be consumed.

Proteins increases metabolic rates by 16-30 percent unlike carbohydrate of 5-10 percent and fats of 0-3 percent.

Proteins and vegetables do not cause build of fats which could become dangerous in the body and consumption of more protein meals prevents one from overeating.

Water consumption

Drinking water boost body metabolism, removes waste from the body and conjointly acts as a suppressant drug of appetite.

Also drinking additional water assists your body stop holding water thereby leading you to drop those additional pounds of water weight.

When water is drunk before meals it will cause you to be filled a little and that causes the reduction of the measure of food (calories) you eat.

According to health resource, water drank before meals leads to a mean reduction in intake by 75% calories per meal.

Also, drinking water ice cold boosts metabolism.

When water is drunk cold the body does more work to regulate the water back to body temperature therefore burning calories and helping lose weight alongside boosting metabolism.

Replacing drinks that contain high sugar content with water goes a long way to reduce calories in the body.

Drinks like sodas and juice contain high amount of sugar which causes weight gain.

If you want a drink having a thirst, add slices of lemon fruit to water because pectin in lemons reduce food cravings.


Referred to by health experts as ‘the new smoking’, siting for long periods of time burn few calories and can also lead to weight gain.

However, standing increases metabolism considering the work done to stand, sweating inclusive and increased heart rate.

For those having desks job, endeavor to stand up for a little while to boost body metabolism.

Investing in a standing desk is also a wise choice.

Spicy food

Eating of spicy meal especially spice like pepper boosts metabolism.

Pepper contains capsaicin which is known to boost metabolism.

However, taking of these spicy meals should have dosage as not everyone is able to tolerate high pepper dosage.

Consumption of peppery meals would burn about 10 additional calories per meal. In a span of 6 years.

This accounts for one pound of weight loss for a male of average weight 66kg.

Alone, the consequences of adding spice to your meal is also quite small considering boosting metabolism but it would result in a small advantage once combined with different metabolism-boosting ways.


Shortage of sleep is joined to a serious increase within the obesity risk margin.

This may partially be induced by the adverse aftermath of deprivation of sleep on body metabolism.

Shortage of sleep is associated with high levels of sugar in the blood(diabetes) and insulin resistance.

Shortage of sleep has conjointly been shown to spice up the hunger endocrine hormone and reduce the fullness of leptin which is a supermolecule created by fat cells that is a secretion acting chiefly within the regulation of appetite and fat storage.

This is a major reason why individuals who are deficient of sleep feel hungry and have difficulty losing weight.

Coffee intake

Studies by scientist have demonstrated that caffeine boosts body metabolism by three to eleven percent.

Like tea, it additionally promotes fat burning.

However, this looks to have an effect more on lean individuals Coffee’s effects on metabolism and thermogenesis may additionally contribute to boost in metabolism and good health.

Cooking oil

Coconut oil is best when using oil for cooking because it is relatively high in medium chain fats.

Medium chain fats boosts body metabolism more than the long chained fats found in butter.

Medium chain fats raise body metabolism rate by twelve percent compared to long chained fat which raise body metabolism by four percent.

Green tea (Oolong tea)

Green tea is world renowed to be among the beverages of highest health importance on the planet.

This healthy beverage has potent antioxidants called catechins.

Catechins stimulates the nervous system of the body and increase thermogenesis which is burning up of stored calories and boosting metabolism.

It is known to contain antioxidants and lots of other plant compounds that are of benefits to health.

The important of the antioxidants present is Epigallocatechin gallate which boosts metabolism.

They increase energy consumption and a mixture of caffein and ephedrine has proven to be competent in long time weight management due to the various ways they boost the body metabolism and this has been proven by experts to be efficient in weight management in a long time program, because of the different ways that operate interdependently.

In conclusion, including the above in your general lifestyle will increase your metabolism, make you stay fit and live happily and with little or no health challenge.

Remember the saying, health is wealth, Thank you.

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