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Discover Why Green Tea Is Adding to Your Weight … And Why You Should Switch Over to Red Tea

A  mistake that is commonly made by  a number of dieters is  failure to  select what they drink. The  fluids you  take into your body  have almost the  same  effect which the food you eat have on your  weight  and your health.


That means  the dieters who  mean business with losing weight  should do away with soda and  alcohol … But what about black tea and green tea?


Do black and green teas  offer any benefits  to your body?  Could they really cause you to become obese?


The answer  will amaze you. The majority of people  believe that green tea can help  them lose weight not  add it … This might not  be the case.


Several studies have  revealed that green tea  has no potential to achieve weight loss.


For  instance, a study made available in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2009 edition showed that an extract of green tea  had no effect on the  basal metabolic rate of  a dozen normal weight men.

In the meantime, a Review by Cochrane of green tea research  discovered that green tea  produced   an insignificant, statistically negligible weight loss in adults who were overweight. The review also  pointed out that regular  drinking of green tea  did not succeed in helping people  achieve weight loss.


Besides these  frightening  discoveries, another problem could arise! If you  add sugar  to your green tea, this is likely to be a source of  additional calories  which cannot do your body any good.


In the opinion of experts, people who drink green tea frequently  may consume  about 300 or more calories  of sugar.

What Is My Take on Black Tea?

Black tea is truly burnt green tea, which is loaded with caffeine  like the  usual green tea. Taking too much caffeine into your body can cause vomiting, feeling jittery, heart palpitations, and nausea.


If you decide to drink decaffeinated black or green tea, the natural components have been destroyed by decaffeination. It  is more  sensible to drink a tea, which naturally contains no caffeine.


Often, black tea is  taken with milk, which  inhibits the rate of absorption  of  useful polyphenols and antioxidants. It is surprising to note that skim milk  inhibits this process   more than whole milk.


” If black tea and green tea are not good for weight loss, what should a dieter who is responsible consume? “


I found the answer to this question in the wilderness of Africa where the people of Kenya consume red tea to remove hunger pangs while hunting for their next meal.

Why You Should Drink Red Tea? Here are all the Benefits

Red tea not only eliminates hunger pangs, but  also facilitates burning of fat and boosts energy without depending on caffeine.

Red tea is absolutely free of caffeine.

Red tea is  the  superlative health drink,  which is tasty and refreshing.  It can be taken iced or warm. It helps remove toxins, reduces hormones which promote fat storage, and enhances the production of hormones which help  burn fat.  It helps in balancing insulin and reducing stress.


I’ve spent several years studying the benefits  as well as the side effects of  the 5 unique components  of red tea. The fact that these ingredients  are available at the local supermarket, makes red tea the  awesome fat-burning, metabolism-boosting, energy-revitalizing drink.  These ingredients are not present in black or green tea.


Red tea is vegan and vegetarian safe, caffeine free, gluten free, sugar-free and dairy free.


It provides a  better alternative to caffeine, with no jitters. Therefore, it is safe and rapid to  flush fat away.Also, red tea  contains neither carbohydrates nor fats. It has a mild flavor and it is slightly sweet.


Another good thing about red tea is that it  contains no oxalic acid, so  the risk of kidney stones does not exist, unlike what obtains with green and black teas. It also  contains very low amount of tannin  which makes it much better  than black and green teas  which  contain high amount of tannin  that can bind iron.


What is more, red tea is  loaded with powerful antioxidants  which prevent oxidative damage that is caused by toxins which are present in your body. These antioxidants have been proven scientifically  to  possess an antiviral, antibacterial, and antiparasitic action which helps to  strengthen your immunity.


The  most important thing is that drinking the sweet red tea does not only  stop hunger, but  also reverses the harm that is caused by the  toxins which have accumulated in your fat cells. All these are made possible  by the  powerful antioxidants present in the red tea..

All the above numerous benefits of red tea make me believe that red tea  is the breakthrough which many people who desire to lose fat have  long awaited.


It’s a delicious  tea, which requires no lectures about how to lose weight, no doctor’s visits, no expensive pills, no intense exercises, and no starving yourself.


The best of all! It helps  remove harmful fat by collaborating with  the natural fat-burning metabolism of your body  without you feeling  hunger pangs!


How lovely will it be if you are able to enjoy the foods that you love: a dessert, steak, or a beer completely free of guilt?


How lovely will it be if you are able to live a life that is free of  endless doctor’s visits and costly prescriptions?


How lovely will it be if you are feeling good, and living  a good life that is devoid of being obsessed about  each calorie you eat?

All the above benefits are possible if your health is  protected by the very  potent natural healing red tea.


That’s what is made possible  by the new Red Tea Detox Program,  which employs red tea together with  many other myth-busting diet rules. This program can help you  drop about  14 pounds of fat in just 14 days.

With the program, you have everything you  require to  burn fat, including the recipe of Rooibos (red tea) and all the sources  of the  five unique ingredients.

You will also  have:

  • A complete 2-week meal plan  which includes recipes for  refreshing your body and delicious snacks to  instantly stop any cravings.
    The meal plan  has four phases:
    –  The Red Tea Detox Program Phase 1 which lasts from Days 1  to 5;
    –  The Red Tea Detox Program Phase 2 which is observed on Day 6;
    –  The Red Tea Detox Program Phase 3 which lasts from Days 7  to Day 8;
    –  The Red Tea Detox Program Phase 4 which is the Calorie Restriction Based on  Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).


  • The Red Tea Detox Program Workout booklet that has the potential to nearly double the results of your fat-burning effort.
    It will help you to easily increase your metabolism and burn fat faster.


  • The Red Tea Detox Willpower Motivation  & Mindset Plan  that  proves wrong the common myths  regarding willpower and  ensures that you  remain highly motivated to lose  the maximum amount of weight possible.


The Red Tea Detox Program works  very well for both men and women.  Irrespective of whether you have a  great deal of weight  you want to drop or  only a few pounds, it  has the potential to help you  actualize your goal of losing weight.


Who Should Use this Program?

This program is perfect for:

  • anyone who has a concern about their health;
  • anyone who desires to lose  recalcitrant fat around their thighs, butt, and belly;
  • anyone who desires to drop weight without them feeling unsatisfied or hungry.


Irrespective of how stubborn your belly fat has been, the Red Tea Detox Program will help you get rid of unwanted fat. Without any hassle, you’ll  re-establish a balance of your  fat-burning hormones and block crucial metabolic fat-burning steps  in order to  regulate your fat-storing and fat-burning hormones and  this is as easy as ABC.


There is no other detox program that contains these  five unique ingredients which has been scientifically proven  as capable of unlocking  recalcitrant fat cells, release difficult-to-lose fat,  and  burn fat away.


Your body  employs  several steps to naturally release fat. Even if  only one step is blocked,  the fat loss will  stop. This  becomes crucial  as you get older  because you  have a higher probability of having  one or more of  the steps blocked.


The Red Tea Detox Program unblocks all the blocked steps.  This explains why it  has a 100% guarantee to  assist you to burn fat and lose all  useless  fat.


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