top secret recipe with red tea

The Magic African Red Tea Homemade Secret Ingredients Revealed!

robably heard of black tea and green tea but  what about the red tea?

If you haven’t heard about the red tea, I  implore you to  spend a few minutes to digest this short article. If you  desire to lose  unwanted fat, you  will not  be disappointed.

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This is because the red tea,  has greater potential than the black tea and the green tea combined, to  set your body into action to burn  useless fat.

It is very appropriate to refer to this tea  as “the tasty  option  for flushing  out extra pounds.”

The Magic African Red Tea, Really?

The tea,  which some people wrongly refer to as voodoo tea  despite the fact that  its benefits  are real,   was discovered in the  wilderness of Africa where the people of Kenya  drink it to  remove hunger pangs while  hunting for their next meal.

I  personally used  this very delicious tea,  and it helped me  lose 14 pounds of useless fat within 14 days of drinking it and it has since helped lose a total of 42 pounds.

Mine is not a unique story  because  a number of people are  dropping weight  using this incredible tea.

I don’t think I could be more excited.
I consider this tea the weight loss  solution  which many people have  longed for. In my years of practice as a naturopath,  many clients  have come to me  to  find out why  all that they’ve tried to  drop weight in the past  have not worked for them.

They’ve  experienced  several failures as far as fat loss  is concerned, because their doctors are  unhelpful and  completely wrong, always  informing them, they  are not  trying hard enough when in  actual fact they’re doing  all they’re  expected to do!

The Amazing Benefits of African Red Tea

With red tea, losing weight  is not as easy as ABC.  Drinking this tea will help you  switch from burning carbohydrate to burning high-octane fat  as if you are  switching a light switch on and off.

This tea has  been my secret weapon since I discovered it. Thanks to it, almost  all my clients  are able to lose up to 14 pounds within just 14 days of consuming the tea.

This tea  permits dieters to:

  • Block uncontrollable cravings and hunger …
  • Guard against changes in mood and irritability triggered by low blood sugar…
  • Remove rebound weight increase triggered by skipping meals …
  • Enhance energy levels without midafternoon energy slumps…

It is possible for you  to flush fat away and  lose pounds of useless fat  by drinking  the sweet  red tea  which is  truly good for you.

And as an added  benefit, the lab test results of my clients  indicate better blood work numbers.

My 2-Week Detox Plan Explained in details

To  enhance the effectiveness of the red tea, I have  produced a complete  2-week detox plan  which takes  complete advantage of the tea  plus three weight loss principles  which I’ve discovered as capable of maximizing the  quantity of fat which you can lose.

Two out of these three principles are  not in tune with  what  the majority of doctors  recommend as a way of losing weight but in  combination with the tea, they are  achieving fantastic results in dieters  throughout the world.

The three principles are as follows:

  • Principle n°1 – Eat MORE and Weigh LESS. This is contrary to the old rules which advice people to eat less and lose weight,  which make you  to feel deprived and starving with only tiny food.  Do away with that.
  • Principle n°2 Reduce STRESS and Restore Hormonal BALANCE. This new rule encourages you to reduce your uninterrupted high stress levels and balance your hormones. By so doing, you will be CALMER and Weigh LESS.
  • Principle n°3 Exercise LESS and lose MORE Fat. Scientists have madesurprising discoveries and a recent breakthrough is  referred to by scientists  as the “sweet spot” of exercise. Your sweet spot happens to be the exercise intensity level  in which the full power of your body to  burn fat is  released, so your body  makes use of fat stores for  energy production. You are NOT by any means exercising harder, you are rather exercising smarter. If you do this right, the layers of fat under your skin will  .. excess pounds of fat will disappear… you  will surely drop a pant or a dress  size in 2 weeks  because your whole body will become trimmer, firmer, and sexier.

Sadly, majority of people eat too little and exercise too much…  and this   does not help them achieve fat loss.

With the advent of the Rooibos Detox System, we are changing this  wrong notion and  assisting people  to drop more weight faster.  The Red Tea Detox has put an end to diet failures … No more remorse or guilt. When you  consume it regularly, and religiously  abide by our simple rules, you  will surely shed 14 pounds or more. 

This program will help you wear those clothes you have always desired to wear … and you  will  have the energy you  desire to have.

The great thing about the Rooibos Detox System is the fact that it is  a baby of more than  ten years of research and  nearly three years of  real-life testing.

It’s a  perfect program  which quickly  removes toxins from the body  by flushing away fat, and it works  speedily for everyone –  irrespective of the amount of fat you  desire to lose.

The Rooibos Detox System will help you to lose about 14 or more pounds of fat  within just 14 days.

And if you  desire to lose more  fat,  repeat the red tea program until you  achieve your goal.

Prepare this Tea using home Ingredients in the Comfort of Your Kitchen

Another feather in the cap of red tea is the fact that you need not to travel to Africa in order to get it. 

You can prepare this tea with ingredients you possibly have in your kitchen or which are surely available at any local grocery store.

I will not  reveal this secret recipe  to you right here,  rather I  will  reveal to you  the  5 ingredients in the tea, which have been  proven to  improve metabolism and help burn fat.

Secret Ingredient #1 – I  regard this as the incredible shrinker of fat-cell. It contains an  uncommon bioflavonoid which helps reduce stress hormones  which  promote the storage of fat and hunger.

Bioflavonoid also increases uptake of glucose to  achieve a balance in the levels of blood sugar  and insulin resistance.

This means you will get more strength while you become thin, as this special ingredient has great potential in inhibiting the formation of new fat cells!

More important, the powerful antioxidants in this ingredient protect the liver from damage,  help in reducing cholesterol, assist in regulating the levels of your blood sugar and  also improve your mood.

it’s very important that the right amount of this ingredient is included in the red tea preparation.

Secret Ingredient #2 – This 2nd uncommon ingredient reduces calorie intake via a mechanism which works by inhibiting digestion of dietary fat and then  functioning as an antioxidant  as well as reducing inflammation.

This ingredient increases the feelings of fullness as well as enhances fat and glucose metabolism … So you  lose more fat  as you  absorb fewer calories!

This is significant because it implies you can eat enough food, and your body will only take up fewer calories, thereby making it easy for you to shed weight.

Secret Ingredient #3 – This 3rd uncommon ingredient enhances blood flow and activates the production of adrenaline to enhance your metabolic rate of  burning fat.

 It also improves the sensitivity of insulin and lowers cholesterol.

What is more, this ingredient is a great detoxifier, which also helps clear the food in your digestive system faster, thereby keeping your entire body cleaner.

Secret Ingredient #4 – The 4th uncommon ingredient is a diuretic, which promotes the flow of urine, but without negatively affecting the excretion of potassium and sodium and it does not cause dehydration.

This is critical to clearing your body of toxins the right way!

It also promotes the activities of the liver and kidneys and raises the quantities of different enzymes in the digestive system, so it assists in improving digestion and flushing the fat.

Again, it’s very important to use these ingredients in nothing but the right quantities.

If you mix them all together without using the recipe, you will not achieve the fat-burning, body detoxification, and energy-boosting effects that you desire!

Secret Ingredient #5 – The final uncommon ingredient in the red tea assists the body in metabolizing carbohydrates more effectively.

It has been proven to minimize insulin resistance while at the same time stimulating metabolism, assisting to hinder increased storage of fat by ensuring the maintenance of very low blood sugar levels. .

This special spice enhances the speed of digestion as well as relieves gas and bloating. It is also responsible for the sweet taste of red tea. What is more, it helps to promote the burning of fat!

The Rooibos Detox System is changing how people lose weight. Red tea could be just the thing you require to achieve your weight loss goals.

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